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Vehicle detailing

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Professional car detailing is a specialised and crafted skill, needing the knowledge and expertise to restore and maintain your vehicle to it’s finest condition. Using industry leading equipment and specialised treatments, we ensure that your vehicle is precisely detailed at every point from wheels, seats, carpets, paint, dashboards and more.

What is Vehicle Detailing?

Vehicle detailing refers to the specialised skills and techniques used to clean and restore your vehicle to get it as close as possible to its original condition. Unlike a traditional car wash or valet, which is regular maintenance that is recommended to keep your car looking its best by deterring dirt and contaminants from causing any long term damage, vehicle detailing in Durban is a precise and professional method done by hand to restore and maintain your vehicle to mint condition. Essentially, vehicle detailing is looking below the surface to remove damage, protect your paint and condition your vehicle.

About our Big Five Panel N Paint Vehicle Detailing

Our years of tried and tested industry experience means that we have the highest standards and quality assurance when it comes to vehicle detailing in Durban. Following our best practices in removing contaminants, correcting scratches and protecting your car’s paint, we maximise and promise to use our skills and services to extend the condition of your vehicle.

Interior and Exterior Vehicle Detailing

Once we have protected the exterior of your vehicle from our Durban climate and elements, our attention to detail focuses on the interior of your vehicle. From harsh stain removal in fabric seat coverings to conditioning leather upholstery, we do as much as we can to put in place longer lasting treatments and extended care. In depth carpet cleaning and dash and door maintenance are done to the highest quality level to protect your vehicle and ensure you drive away as a satisfied customer.

Find out more about how we can assist you with vehicle detailing in Durban. Our industry specialists are trained to assist and guide you through the whole process, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our services. Find out more today.

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