Vehicle Paint Protection In Durban

Customising and Accessorising (quotation/supply of parts/fitment of body kits)

Vehicle Wraps and Dips

Smash and Grab/laminex headlights and tail lights

Vehicle Protection (Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Films)

Scratches, dents and chips are all unsightly and unwanted when it comes to the appearance of your car. From a rogue shopping mall trolley to stone chips from driving, save money on maintenance by using trustworthy vehicle paint protection in Durban.

What is Vehicle Paint Protection?

As in the name, it is in essence, a coating that is applied over your cars painted body that acts as an added barrier to protect the appearance and quality of the paint from common environmental factors.

Keep your car looking as new as possible from: 

  • Fading 
  • Birds & Pests
  • Stone chips
  • Rust 
  • & More

Vehicle paint protection in Durban offers low maintenance and value for money when looking to keep your car’s exterior in its new-like condition.

Professional Paint Protection

Using the highest quality products, our dealer detailing is accredited and applied with precision to ensure your cars exterior paintwork is covered and quality guaranteed. With the right equipment, knowledge and experience working on most car makes and models, you can rest assured that your paint protection is a valuable and worthwhile investment.

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely yes. Whether you use your car frequently or it is safely stored at home, giving your vehicle extra protection is always a good idea. Whether you want to keep the shine or retain value in it, it also gives you confidence in situations where your paint work is susceptible to tree sap, parking outside and so much more. Vehicle paint protection is a worthwhile investment with expertly curated treatment options to keep it looking as good as it feels to drive.

Long-term Maintenance

As you take care of your other items, helping and supporting your car against UV rays and more with the maximum amount of protection is a sure way to increase retail value or the overall appearance of your chosen car colour and paintwork. Shielding it from the wear and tear of everyday driving has never been this simple and convenient with vehicle paint protection in Durban from Big 5 Panel n Paint.

We Service Most Makes and Models