What work does a panel beater do?

Panel beaters are known for their specialised services on vehicles and the repairs that they do on the vehicles. Panel beaters are professional tradesmen, and they make our lives much easier because of the expertise that they have.

Panel beaters work with the metal, fiberglass, and plastic parts of a vehicle. Panel beaters repair any damages that are made to these parts of the vehicle. These damages include dents, holes, paint repairs, and much more.

Dents and can come from hail damage, accidents, and a lot of other collisions and situations. Cars are made from different materials and different parts of the car is made from different materials.

Panel beaters can repair the body of your car and loose parts that need to be fixed if it is damaged. These specialists can make your car look brand new if there were any damages done to these materials that panel beaters specialise in.

Panel beaters that are specialised will also be AA Quality Assured and these service providers are the ones to use if you ever need to fix a dent or to repaint your car.  You can read our blog on Why it is important to choose an AA Quality Assured repair shop in South Africa to find out more on how to choose the right panel beater for your requirements.

Our team and qualified tradesmen at the Big Five Panel and Paint will assist you with all your panel beating needs and requirements, contact us today for a quotation on panel beating services for your vehicle.