What Brake Pads Do I Need for My Vehicle?

The braking system of a car can be complex, and this is why it is so important to use the right braking pads for your specific vehicle. Brake pads of a vehicle take the most force that the car needs to stop. This means that the safety of your vehicle depends greatly on the brake pads used.

In order to absorb energy and heat and subsequently offer adequate traction to stop the automobile, pads are positioned between the callipers and the rotors of the vehicle.

Types of Brake Pads

  • Organic: Frequently installed for lightweight vehicles.
  • Semi-Metallic: Majority of vehicles on the road will have these types of brake pads.
  • Fully Metallic: These brake pads offer excellent braking capabilities to all vehicles.
  • Ceramic: These are the most expensive type of brake pad and also the one that last the longest. They function extremely well in warmer temperatures, but often struggle to give the best performance in cooler weather.

Best Brake Pads for my car

There are a lot of factors one needs to consider understanding what the best brake pads would be for your specific vehicle. Some of these are:

  • The amount of stress you regularly subject your automobile to is the first factor to be taken into account when selecting the ideal brake pads for your particular needs. This calls for consideration of both your driving habits and the kind of roads you commonly use.
  • Your brakes will be placed under a lot of strain in harsh driving circumstances that call for frequent stops and starts, such steep terrain. Similar to this, an aggressive driving style, such as consistently stopping the car at the last second, may place more strain on the brake pads and cause them to wear out more quickly.
  • The sort of vehicle that you have plays a major role in deciding what brake pads would be best for your car. Some brake pads like organic pads won’t work for a larger vehicle, such as an SUV, but they could be a decent choice for a compact city runabout.
  • There are specific brake pads like semi-metallic brake pads if you frequently drive on generally average road conditions and have decent driving habits.

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