Summer hail damaged your car; Best repair option

It is the summer season in South Africa and as the residents and visitors of this lovely country knows, hail is something that goes hand in hand with the summertime. It is true, while hail is lovely to look at, your car might not experience the same pleasure when exposed to hail this summer.

It can be stressful to see your car damaged by hail, especially if the car was parked in an open area or on the road for a long period throughout the hailstorm, the damage can seem unrepairable and without hope. The great thing is, we are here for exactly these types of repairing services to help our clients get the final product they desire. Our expert team of panel beaters at Big Five Panel N Paint are here to restore your vehicle if it has been damaged by hail.

We work on an extensive range of car models from Kia, Volkswagen, all the way to Toyota and Opel and we have all the knowledge and expertise required to get your valuable asset back to its original look.

While hail can cause dents in a car, it can also cause paint damage and much more, we specialise in scratch and dent repairs and on top of that we can definitely assist you with any paint restoration or paint and chip touch ups that your car might require after being exposed to hail.

Our expert team here at Big Five Panel N Paint make sure to provide you with the highest quality end result and we ensure that your vehicle gets restored to its condition prior to the hail damage, whether this means to get the right paint comparison to match your vehicles paint coat or to remove dents and smooth out the body of your car, we do it all.

Contact us at Big Five Panel N Paint today if your vehicle was damaged by hail and you desire high quality services for your car to restore any damage the hail did to your vehicle, we will ensure the job gets done with passion and as per our slogan, passion is our success so rest assured we will be able to assist you.