How to avoid Insurance hiccups when claiming damages on your vehicle

Insurance is an extremely important and possibly the most crucial part of owning a vehicle. There are various benefits when it comes to car insurance, some of which include, saving money and time because they can cover you for damaged vehicle parts and most insurance companies also deal with the panel beaters directly making your work much less.

Whilst insurance provides benefits and some relieve to your stress, there are cases where insurance issues can make you feel hopeless and can create unnecessary stress on top of the actual “my vehicle has damages” stress that you are already facing.

This is exactly why it is so important to get the right vehicle insurance for your car and why you should be thoroughly aware of the benefits and cover that your insurance provides when it comes to your vehicle.

When planning to get insurance for your vehicle make sure that the plan covers the basic repair services that you require for your vehicle. It is also very important to ensure that you are aware of any gap or co-payments that are not covered by the insurer and that your exclusion or waiting period is specified and clear before you continue with the sign up.

Once you have insurance and you are happy with the benefits, it still does not mean that there will not be any hiccups a long the way. The main obstacle that individuals face with their insurers is not using an approved panel beater as required by their specific insurer or insurance cover plan.

This can lead to a lot of fees not being covered by the insurer and you will be liable for the entire cost of repairing your vehicle, even if the repairs fall within the scope of cover criteria that the insurance provides for. This means that if you do not use the right panel beater, your insurance can be redundant.

At Big Five Panel N Paint we understand that vehicle repairs and maintenance can be expensive, and we endorse insurance covered repairs to assist our clients in the most comprehensive way.

We are an insurance approved panel beating company and we fall within most Durban insurer’s network of included panel beaters.

Make use of our high-quality panel beating services if you have vehicle repairs that you need to take care of whilst making use of insurance cover. We will always try to find a way to assist you in the most efficient way.

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