How do Panel Beaters find the right colour paint for repairs on your vehicle?

When your vehicle requires repairs after an accident or an unfortunate scrape, one of the critical tasks for panel beaters is ensuring a seamless colour match for the paintwork.

Achieving an impeccable finish requires expertise, precision, and the use of advanced techniques. To guarantee accurate colour matching, panel beaters rely on the paint code systems provided by vehicle manufacturers.

Each vehicle has a unique identification code that corresponds to the specific colour formula used during production. By referencing these codes, panel beaters can identify the exact shade and formulation required for the repair.

In some cases, the original paint colour may not be readily available in pre-packaged form. Panel beaters have the expertise to mix and tint paints, ensuring a perfect match for the vehicle’s unique colour.

They use a combination of base colours, toners, and additives to adjust the shade, hue, and saturation, meticulously blending until they achieve an exact replication of the original colour. This custom mixing process allows panel beaters to cater to a wide range of vehicle colours, including those that are no longer in production.

At Big Five Panel N Paint we use the best skills, equipment, and knowledge to ensure that the paint we use to repair your vehicle matches the original paint.

When it comes to vehicle repairs, we understand the importance of achieving an impeccable colour match. Contact us at Big Five Panel N Paint for our expertise and attention to detail to ensure that your vehicle looks as good as new.