Holidays lead to your car being covered in scratches this summer; What now?

It is true that a  lot of the damage to your vehicle can happen when you are on vacation, mostly because most people go to new places and unfamiliar places, where the terrain may also differ from where you would usually drive your vehicle in your hometown.

Game parks and game farms are usually the most popular places where you get scratches on your vehicle, this is because the terrain is usually especially rough and unmaintained to accommodate the wild animals, there are usually lots of gravel road and thorn bushes and trees, these are a game changer when it comes to scratches to a vehicle.

Scratches on your car; What to do?

The GREAT news is that Big Five Panel N Paint specialises in removing scratches and repainting anything on your car that might have cause your cars paint to damage this holiday season.

If you travelled to the beach this summer and there might have been a sandstorm at the sea, your car might have also lost some paint due to the sand or your car gained a few general scratches this holiday, contact our expert team at Big Five Panel N Paint to get a quote so we can help you to get your car in shape for this year to come.

We provide a lot of different damage repair services at Big Five Panel N Paint, and we can assist you with anything from hail damage, scratch and dent repairs to mechanical problems, which means that we can help you this year, so your car gets the service it deserves, it is your precious asset after all.

Big Five Panel N Paint provide excellent services and we have years of experience in vehicle repairs , we have a specialised team of experts that know exactly how to repair your vehicle and we are an approved panel beater for most of the car brands in South Africa.

Visit our website or contact us today for a quote or more information on our scratch repair services or any other mechanical services you might require this year, we provide services of the highest quality at rates that you can afford.