Enhance your car safety this year; Smash and Grab

Hijacking in South Africa is nothing new, and over the last few years the hijackings have increased even more because of the continues and growing poverty in the country.

The truth is that even when you drive in your car, sometimes you might not be safe. The most hijackings occur at stop streets or traffic lights where a person stops, and it makes it easier for the hijacker to smash through your window and take the keys.

Hijacking is not the only safety issue in South Africa, the country is known for its high numbers of robbery which happens when a robber threatens you to give your money or valuable items in your car when you stop at a stop street or traffic light.

It is therefore extremely important to ensure that your car is as safe as possible. It imperative that you don’t have car windows open when you stop at these streets.

The unfortunate thing about robbers and hijackers are that these individuals will proceed with their crimes even if your window is closed, by smashing your window to take your car or by smashing your window to take your valuable items in the car.

At Big Five Panel N Paint we know the importance of ensuring your car is safe for these situations that can occur at any time. We provide a Smash and Grab tint for your vehicle to enhance the safety of your car.

What is Smash and Grab tint?

This type of tint is used to cover your car windows which provides an “invisible” layer of protection for you, your vehicle, and your valuable items. Smash and Grab tint keeps shattered glass together which help to prevent glass pieces flying in your eyes, face, or body which can cause damage and distraction in a hijacking or robbery.

Smash and Grab tint also slows access to your vehicle because of this protective layer which increases the noise shattering glass to give you more time to respond to the robbery or hijacking as you will be on high alert. This also means that there is more time to escape during a robbery or hijacking.

At Big Five Panel N Paint we provide an excellent Smash and Grab tint service to assist you with enhancing the safety of not only yourself or a loved one, but also your car and valuables.

Contact us today at Big Five Panel N Paint to get a quotation or browse our website for more information on our Smash and Grab tint service that we provide. Our friendly staff will assist you with the high-quality service that we pride ourselves on.