Durban: Panel beating when it comes to my Kia

There is great importance when it comes to taking your car to the right panel beater. If you are the owner of a Kia vehicle you need to ensure that the panel beaters repairing your vehicle is approved by Kia as a listed automotive service repair provider.

Kia parts are specifically designed to be compatible with Kia vehicles and taking your car to any other panel beaters that are not Kia approved repairers can lead to a situation where your car is repaired with parts that might not be approved.

This means that the brand of the parts might also not be official verified Kia parts because the dealer is not approved to repair Kia brand vehicles, this can cause great damage in the future for your vehicle as well a financial loss and unnecessary stress for you to deal with afterwards.

It is important to ensure that the panel beater company has the necessary certificates from Kia to prove that they are approved vehicle repairers which means that these panel beater companies are given authority to work on Kia vehicles.

These approved Kia panel beaters are obliged to follow a certain method to repair your vehicle to ensure that the quality of the vehicle is maintained as per the factory standards. This is another great benefit of using a Kia approved panel beater, because you can be rest assured that your vehicle will meet the quality standards that Kia prides itself in.

Another benefit of Kia approved panel beaters is that they need to follow a strict protocol when it comes to the colour of paint used on your Kia, which means that they are obliged to use the perfectly matched paint in the repair of the vehicles which matches the original paint of the car to ensure factory standards and quality is maintained and followed through.

Panel beaters are responsible for various automotive services such as re-painting, dent removal, scratch repairs, and a variety of other necessary vehicle repairing services. It is therefore extremely important to choose a panel beating company that has the required approval from Kia to work on your precious vehicle.

Our Panel beating shop at the Big Five Panel N Paint in Durban is a fully approved Kia automotive repairer and we are more than happy to assist you with the repairs on your Kia branded vehicle to ensure you get the best service for your car.

Your Kia model car is our priority, and we will ensure that the best parts and paints are used to repair your valuable vehicle.