Durban: Importance of using the right panel beater for your Renault

If you have a Renault vehicle, selecting the proper panel beater is crucial when it comes to repairing your car. If you or your partner owns a Renault car, you must make sure that the panel beaters who are fixing it are authorized by Renault as a listed automotive service repair company.

Taking your car to any other panel beaters who are not Renault certified repairers might result in a situation where your car is fixed with components that may not be allowed or on standard since Renault parts are particularly made to be compatible with Renault cars to ensure optimal efficiency and performance of the car as the brand and design intended for the vehicle.

In the case where the dealer that you choose to repair your car is not authorized to service Renault brand cars, the chances of the brand of the components not being authentic confirmed Renault parts is extremely high and a highly likely situation to occur.

These fake or aftermarket parts are usually much cheaper and these unauthorized car dealers love to make use of these parts without you knowing, and the entire repair might cost you a bit cheaper, but your vehicle is not on the same standard is it was or should be. This could result in significant damage in the future and a loss in profit or incurring unnecessary costs.

Making sure the panel beater firm that you choose to repair your car with has the required certifications from Renault proving they are qualified car repairers and have been given permission to operate on Renault vehicles is crucial and a step that cannot be missed when choosing the right panel beater for your Renault vehicle.

To guarantee that the quality of the car is maintained in accordance with factory requirements, these authorized Renault panel beaters are required to repair your vehicle using a certain procedure with high quality standards.

Some of the stringent processes that Renault-approved panel beaters follow continuously is adhering to set guidelines regarding the colour of paint used on your Renault. As a result, they are required to use a brand of paint and specific colour of paint that is perfectly matched to the car’s original colour when repairing your Renault to maintain factory standards and quality.

And again, if it is not an authorized panel beater the chances of having your car repainted or repaired with the wrong pain is extremely likely and this is not something any car owner wishes to see.

At Big Five Panel N Paint in Durban, we are a fully approved Renault automotive repairer, and we are more than happy to assist you with the repairs on your Renault branded vehicle to ensure you get the best service for your car.

Your Renault model car is our priority, and we will ensure that the best parts and paints are used to repair your valuable vehicle as it should be.