Durban: How to change up my car without replacing it this year?

There is a general stigma usually connected to buying vehicles and it usually refers to once choosing a colour for the car that you will not show filth easily or choosing a colour that you will not get bored of within at least the first 5 years of having the car.

This stigma can be completely busted because there are services that professional panel beaters can offer you which includes changing the entire outer colour of your car, yes, you read that right, your car colour CAN BE CHANGED.

How to change the colour of my car?

At Big Five Panel N Paint panel beaters we provide a vehicle wrapping and/or dipping service. Vehicle wrapping refers to a colour wrap of your choice that gets specially placed onto the outer layer of your car, this can also cover up any scratches that your current paint coating might have. Vehicle dipping refers to a paint coat on the exterior of your car which is dense enough to ensure that only the new colour of your preferred choice is reflected once the dipping is done, and as per vehicle wrapping, the dipping service also covers scratches that might have once been on your original paint coating on your vehicle.

Why is changing the colour of my car important?

Well, some people might not like change, however, there are a lot of people that cannot go without changing up something in their life every once in a while, and this is where changing the colour of your car comes in.

Changing the colour of your car through our wrapping or dipping service at Big Five Panel N Paint can not only save you costs because instead of buying a new car because you are tired of seeing the same coloured car every day, you can just change the colour without replacing the car, but you can also ensure that a car that you built up from scratch and different car parts gets coated as one black, white, red, blue, or any coloured car of your choice which can ensure a seamless modern look.

Where can I change the colour of my car?

Contact us today at the Big Five Panel N Paint panel beaters for a quote on our dipping or wrapping services for your precious vehicle in Durban, we are experts in the vehicle wrapping and dipping services and we will ensure that your car looks exactly the way that you imagined when we are finished with our specialized services, we are here to help you.